Dr Nobutada Iwahashi, President Mr Haruhiko Numamaru, Conductor


Established in 1958.
The choir was founded in1958 with 32 children. It belonged to NHK (National Broadcasting Company) but was later separated from NHK and is now an independent choir with children from different schools throughout Wakayama City.

There are 3 categories of members according their age :
1. Boys and Girls choir from 7 to 10 years old
2. Children's choir ( equal voice )  from 11 to 18 years old.
3. Youth choir( equal voice ) from 15 to 18 years old.

The total number of the members is 160.

They rehearse once a week usually on Saturdays.
Their annual spring concert is one of the regular cultural events in Wakayama City.

They are invited to various events and festivals on regular basis. They believe that there is no boundary in the musical world and look forward to making more friends through the harmony of music all over the world.

 In 1970 they made their first overseas concert tour to U.S. and Canada. visiting their sister cities. Then, the choir was invited to China and Europe to give concerts as a cultural exchange delegation through musical programs. In 1987 they received the Cultural Grand Prize from Wakayama Prefecture. The choir made 25 overseas concert tours so far.

In 1998 the choir was awarded Gold and special prize at 5th International Choir Competition in Riva del Garda , then in 2000 participated in  1st Choir Olympic in Linz, Austria as a representative of Japan and awarded Gold medal.

As a result in Choir Olympic, the choir was invited to  35th Tolosa International Choir Competition in Spain in October 2003. They have got 2nd prize in Children choir category and the 5th place in whole choirs.
Press reviews appreciated the choir with the words like "Heart warming performance" and "Enjoyable performance" .

CD release of Children's Songs of Ki-no-Kuni, composed by Mr Ko Matsushita.
Grand prize of All Japan Children's Choir Competition sponsored by Asahi News in 1996.
Grand prize of 8th International Youth Choral Competition at Portland(USA) in 1996.
Gold medal in Children's category of 5th International Choir
Competition Riva del Garda(Italy) in 1998. ( awarded together with special prize of highest point with contemporary music performance)
Gold medal in Folklore category of  First Choir Olympics in Linz(Austria) in 2000.
2nd place in Children choir category of 35th Tolosa International Choir Competition(Spain) in 2003.

Gold medal in Youth category and Folklore category of 10th Budapest International Choir Competition(Hungry) in 2005.

1st place of 28th Halle International Children Choir Festival & Competition(Germany) in 2007

2nd place of 27th Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Contest in 2011


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